Jesse Willms’ Top Tips to Help Businesses Market Themselves Early On

The ability to effectively market your business early on can be a huge contributing factor to its success. However, successfully marketing a new business can be difficult, especially with a limited budget. Regardless, there are many ways that entrepreneurs and business owners can promote their new brand, even on a tight budget.

Jesse Willms of Las Vegas, Nevada, is an entrepreneur and business owner who knows the importance and difficulty of marketing a new business. Jesse is the owner of several vehicle history websites that provide free vehicle history information. As an entrepreneur who has started many new businesses, Jesse is familiar with the necessity of marketing and how to market on a budget. He shares his top tips for how to successfully market a new business.

Get Creative

When marketing a business early on, it’s important that entrepreneurs are creative with their strategies. Jesse Willms notes that new businesses can gain lots of exposure while saving thousands on advertising costs just by thinking outside of the box. Harness your creativity and come up with marketing ideas that will be attention-grabbing. For example, try to get yourself in the media by pulling a publicity stunt or participate in a community event to bring attention to your new business.

Utilize Social Media

Social media marketing may seem pretty cliché at this point but businesses should know that it really does work. For new businesses, social media presents a great opportunity for marketing, as little to no budget is required to be successful. Focus on boosting your presence on the social platforms where your target market is most active. Create and share captivating and useful content to help draw potential customers to you online. This strategy can go a long way to gaining new social media followers as well as customers.

Never Underestimate the Power of Free Stuff

It’s true — everyone loves free stuff. Jesse Willms suggests that giving away useful and exciting items or services is a great way to build brand awareness and to connect with potential clients and customers. By hosting contests and giveaways, businesses can attract a lot of attention and gain many new followers. Jesse Willms describes that in addition to acquiring followers online with the help of contests, companies that provide product samples and free trials can generate positive word-of-mouth. When customers have a chance to use your product or service and enjoy it they will spread the word to others, not to mention they are more likely to purchase the item or service themselves. The advantage of this strategy is that the only cost to the business is that of the prize or free product or service.

Become Active in Your Community

As a business owner, marketing can also be accomplished through personal engagement. Network with others in your industry, as well as the industries of potential clients and customers. A personal connection for consumers is huge — if they know you and what your company stands for, they will be much more likely to do business with you and to spread the word to others. Jesse Willms suggests that business owners consider attending events, speaking at public engagements, and volunteering to help get their name, and the voice of their company, out there.

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