Jesse Willms Explains How to Turn a Great Idea into a Business

If you’ve ever had a good idea for a business, but lacked the skills, expertise, or experience to take it to the next level, you’re not alone. Transferring an idea into a fully sustainable business requires a lot of hard work. As the owner of multiple popular vehicle history websites, Jesse Willms built his business from the ground up — and it all started with an idea. As an internet entrepreneur and businessman, Jesse Willms understands that while every business plan is unique, there are some fundamental components that run through all of them. Here to outline everything you need to know to turn your idea into a business, he talks problem solving, target demographics, mentorship, and writing a business plan.

Perform Market Research

Identify a Target Audience

Seek the Help of a Professional Mentor

Create a Business Plan

Lastly, Jesse Willms explains that setting a period of time for success will help make your goals more achievable. For example, give yourself 3 years to make your business sustainable. Jesse Willms explains that this tool can be advantageous in setting realistic expectations. Building a sustainable (and scalable) business will take time, and it is easy to get discouraged along the way. When you set a long-term goal of 3 years and you become discouraged 3 months in, it becomes easier to rationalize continuing on.

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